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Welcome to our blog, Between Two Worlds, where the echoes of our collective experiences resonate. Authored by four student, we want to deep into the feeling of being torn between two worlds – a universal belonging that binds us to both experiences.

We aim to articulate the challenges and the  beauty inherent in being spread in diverse cultural identities.

Our decision to pen this blog stems from a shared desire to discuss the complexities of straddling divergent worlds.
What sets us apart and enriches the blog are our different of perspectives:  a mix of French, Austrian, Mexican and Belgian cultures, diverse personal narratives, and a kaleidoscope of sensibilities. It's not just about the struggle; it's about finding harmony amidst the dissonance, celebrating the richness that comes with duality, exploring in diversity what actually signs our similarities. 

Our blog, Between Two Worlds, offers a space for those navigating the delicate dance between diverse realms, be it cultural, professional, or personal. We invite soul-searchers and curious minds to join our journey, aiming to connect, inspire, and foster understanding through authentic stories and a touch of humor. It's a mosaic of shared experiences, celebrating the beauty and freedom in embracing the multifaceted nature of our identities.

Whether you're on a similar path or curious about life's dichotomies, welcome home !


About us

We are 4 students interested in sharing their experience and feelings about “living between two world”. 

Let us introduce ourselves...

  • Alejandro: I'am Franco-mexicain, I grew up mainly in Mexico, in a city called Cuernavaca, until I finished high-school. I was never really in a french school, until the end of high. Then came the decision whether to leave Mexico and study in France, or stay in Mexico city. I decided to leave, and I have been living in Europe since then. I'm now thirty, I finished my studies (professionally wise), and thinking of going back or not. Always a though decision since my family is on both sides of the Atlantic rift.

Marina: I am a 40-year-old French woman leaving in Vienna for 13 years. Living in Austria has been a rich and fulfilling experience, yet I find myself constantly torn between the deep roots of my native France and the vibrant life I've built here with my daughters.

As you can see, we have somewhat atypical paths and we are each fed by different worlds, to which we must adapt. For some it is about moving from life in one country to another, adapting to a new culture, new lifestyles, to other places. For others, this involves multidisciplinarity and managing distant fields of study at the same time. In all cases, there is a certain desire among us all to open up to the different worlds in front of us in order to see things from different angles and thus enrich our vision of the world. And that comes with this strange feeling of being shared between several universes, and that's what our blog will talk about


  • Roman: I'm a 21-year-old french student. I live this year in Madrid in Spain and I have an experience of living in the neighbors countries of France. I studied two years in belgium also. Obviously, the life in this countries is very similar but it's interesant this small diferencies.

  • Louise: Hey, I am a 20-year-old student and for my part I have not lived abroad for long (only a few weeks in Greece for volunteering), nevertheless I also have this feeling of navigating between several different worlds because I study medicine, philosophy and science at the same time this year, in different universities. 

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